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The RS50 Combine/Machinery Trailer is designed to carry the latest and largest Agricultural Machinery available today.

The strong but light construction, gives it a pay load of up to 26 tons running in construction and use (44 ton).

Alternatively, the trailer is dual plated for STGO and is fitted with 12 ton axles.

After weight, the width of the machinery has increased beyond most trailers safe capability.

The RS50 can self-widen hydraulically from 2550mm up to 3550mm, positioning the loading surface exactly where it is needed.

Then the height problem can be reduced by 300mm with the use of four wheel wells in the floor.

Trailer in running position for everyday low-loader work, with loading ramps stored in deck (locked).

Speed Loading- Taking only one minute to power out the sides up to 3.55 metres (11ft 6 in). 

The sides are independent and can be set to any width and offset for unequal machinery.

Leaving the well covers in, the trailer can be used for conventional over width loads.

Lashing points and ramp bars move out with the sides, giving increased safety over wooden outrigger boards.

Option of 2.5 or 3 metre Heavy Duty Loading Ramps are available.

Storage is available for aluminium ramps in the centre.

Each ramp weighs 28kg (front), 8kg (rear) for ease of use.

Over width marker boards are illuminated and move in and out with bodywork, saving time.

Wheel Wells reduce the height of the machinery and lower the centre of gravity. This helps with top heavy loads. They also wedge the wheels, to prevent movement of the load when in transit.

The WABCO EBS braking System has Roll Stability available.

The design of the wheel well maximises the length of the well, which gives a gentler slope in and out.

All aluminium well covers are locked in place during normal running position. They cannot be removed without widening the body. This prevents loss and theft.

Rear Loading Ramps can be locked in the Rear Storage Hold.

Two large locker boxes are positioned at the front of the Lower Deck.

Super Low Maintenance – Bodywork slides on self-cleaning nylon wear pads, which do not require lubrication.

Powering out the sides gives perfect access for power washing the trailer chassis.

It also enables easy access to the axles for inspection/maintenance.

The extensive use of aluminium body parts, Alcoa Durabrite Wheels and special design work have all contributed to reducing the tare weight.

The construction of the trailer is completely laser cut allowing for holes and metal removal, further reducing weight.

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